Sunshine Society

The Proteus Syndrome Foundation would like to thank all families and friends who have honored this organization by putting the Proteus Syndrome Foundation in their wills, as a way to help children and adults who suffer from this disorder.

In order to properly thank you, the Proteus Syndrome Foundation has formed a Sunshine Society to honor and recognize families and friends who have bequeathed to our organization. The Charter members of the Sunshine Society will include anyone who has already joined the Society or who joins in 2005.

Benefits of membership include a formal invitation to the Proteus Syndrome Foundation Family Conference in Washington D.C., at which time you will be introduced to the foremost doctors and researchers in the world concerning Proteus syndrome. You will also meet many families that your support will benefit. Other opportunities will be given to Sunshine Society members to learn more about Proteus syndrome, the families it affects, and the latest research techniques being used to find a cure for this disorder.

If you are unfamiliar with Bequest Programs, please read on to understand more clearly what our Sunshine Society is and how it works.

Gift Through Your Will

One reason donors make gifts through wills rather than during their lifetimes is to preserve assets for their own use and to maintain current control over the assets in case they want to change a bequest. For many donors, the most significant expression of their life values is made in the form of a charitable bequest in a will. Bequests can be made in the form of a specific gift of cash or property, or a percentage of an estate.

Friends who inform the Proteus Syndrome Foundation of their plan for a bequest to benefit our organization are recognized through the Sunshine Society. To confirm your membership in the Sunshine Society, the Proteus Syndrome Foundation will simply request that a copy of the page within your will, naming the Proteus Syndrome Foundation a beneficiary, be submitted to us by your attorney with a cover letter confirming the information. This is to protect you, the donor, and the Proteus Syndrome Foundation, in the event your wishes are contested.

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