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Mosaic overgrowth with fibroadipose hyperplasia is caused by somatic activating mutations in PIK3CA

Marjorie J Lindhurst1,16, Victoria E R Parker2,16, Felicity Payne3, Julie C Sapp1, Simon Rudge4, Julie Harris2, Alison M Witkowski1, Qifeng Zhang4, Matthijs P Groeneveld2, Carol E Scott3, Allan Daly3, Susan M Huson5, Laura L Tosi6, Michael L Cunningham7, Thomas N Darling8, Joseph Geer9, Zoran Gucev10, V Reid Sutton11, Christos Tziotzios12, Adrian K Dixon13, Timothy Helliwell14, Stephen O’Rahilly2,15, David B Savage2,15, Michael J O Wakelam4, Inês Barroso2,3, Leslie G Biesecker1 & Robert K Semple2,15

Lindhurst et al 2012


Assessment and management of the orthopedic and other growth complications of Proteus syndrome

Laura L. Tosi •  Julie C. Sapp •  Elizabeth S. Allen • Regis J. O’Keefe •  Leslie G. Biesecker

Tosi et al 2011

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