The Manifold Faces of Proteus Syndrome

By Rudolf Happle, MD

In this issue of the Archives, Nguyen and Colleagues present a clinically oriented study of 24 consecutive patients with Proteus syndrome who were evaluated at the National Institutes of
Health in Bethesda, Md.1 The diagnostic criteria of Proteus syndrome proposed by an international
working group some years ago were met in all cases.2 Because this multisystem birth defect occurs rarely, an analysis of such a large cohort is most welcome.

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Jun 02, 2011 | Category: Articles | Comments: 2


2 Responses to “The Manifold Faces of Proteus Syndrome”

  1. Linda Peters says:

    I possibly may have a minor case of proteus syndrome. Shortly after birth in 1940, doctors amputated a huge middle finger, left hand. Since then I have had many surgeries to correct continued bone growth and lipomas in that arm..No other abnormalities exist. I am healthy. My brother also has lipomas and a dermoid in his head. Can i help?

  2. Timothy Angeles says:

    Can proteus syndrome be passed on from generation to generation?

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